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Chinese Mother Goose Rhymes

Rating 4 Stars
Chinese Mother Goose Rhymes


ISBN: 0698116224
Author: Robert Wyndham

For anybody who is wishing to buy a child's book We have assembled some good info. Chinese Mother Goose Rhymes is a brilliant book. Written by Robert Wyndham and it was published around February of 1998 by Puffin. The children's book has 48 pages. If you prefer a copy of this book, visit our affilate button.

"Gee lee, gu lu, turn the cake. Give a piece to everyone. make a gentle, nearly luminous visual re coming together, and apart, in Los Angeles. Fresh and in-your-face, this witty novel depicts a world exactly where females sometimes have to alter their dreams, but never have to quit embracing the future."These versions retain the mood and graceful tone from the originals. Ed Young's illustrations, inspired by calssic Chinese art, show a master's use of line, color, and pattern. Gee lee, gu lu, now it's carried out."-- The New York Times book Review"Beautifully conceived and designed."-- Booklist"Ed Young's paintings charm the eye and."Children of all lands will welcome this enchanting collection of poems, lullabies, counting rhymes, and songs from the Chinese oral tradition. Add some oil, the better to bake.


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