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Mini House: Mother Goose's House (mini House Book)

Rating 4 Stars
Mini House Mother Gooses House

Workman Publishing Company

MPN: 9780761105367
ISBN: 0761105360
Author: Peter Lippman

For anyone searching for a book We've come up with some facts. You may want to read Mini House: Mother Goose's House (mini House Book) written by Peter Lippman. The author is Peter Lippman and it was published on the 1st of September, 1996 by Workman Publishing Company. The children's book has 20 pages. The children's book dimensions are 4.33"H x 1.89"L x 1.69"W and it has got a weight of 0.62 lbs. To get your own copy of this book, visit our affilate button on this site.

Colorful, chunky, irresistible. You turn it about. It's a Mini-House Book that's a Shoe! 2-million-copy-bestselling Mini-House series is actually a hit with kids and adults alike. Selection from the Children's Book-of-the-Month Club. 276,000 copies in print. You hold it. Mother Goose's House brings to life ten traditional Mother Goose rhymes-for a entire new lapful of readers. You peer inside the windows, following which you pop the latch, opening the door to the story-and to a child's imagination. You pick 1 up. Peter Lippman's 2.


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