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The Movable Mother Goose (mother Goose Pop-up)

Rating 4 Stars
Movable Mother Goose
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Little Simon

MPN: 9780689811920
ISBN: 0689811926
Author: Robert Sabuda

Your child will love this fantastic book. Written by Robert Sabuda and the publisher is Little Simon. The child's book went on sale around October of 1999. The book is for ages 36 months and up and is centered on Toy and movable books as well as Nursery rhymes and it is thought of as wonderful specimens. This version is the 1st ed. has 12 pages and it has colorfully illustrated pages. A classic collectible pop-up, add to cart by clicking the weblink below.

This elaborate pop-up book adds a spectacular twist to Mother Goose's well-loved rhymes. And the Man inside the Moon is seen from a startling perspective: he has decidedly alien features! Sturdier than most pop-ups, these three-dimensional constructions are nonetheless vulnerable to tiny grabbing hands. Attributing animal personalities to nursery-rhyme characters, he surprises young readers time and once more.) get carried away with his engineering feats. In"Jack Be Nimble,"for example, the fellow leaping lithely more than a candlestick is none other than a grasshopper. Paper artist Robert Sabuda, preeminent patriarch of present day day pop-up engineering, brings but another explosion of motion and color to his latest masterpiece. At his best, Sabuda creates breathtaking displays of pop-up craftsmanship, as in the"four and twenty blackbirds"bursting rowdily out of a pie, mirrored sunglasses on every single one. He might occasionally (and understandably--what a fun job! At his worst, he creates slightly bewildering beings, such as the star-shaped Jill in"Jack and Jill"tumbling down a mysterious edifice. Sabuda's quirky take on traditional rhymes, combined with his fantastic folding, moving, spinning paper sculptures, will have pop-up fanciers and Mother Goose devotees clamoring for more. (Ages 4 to 8) --Emilie Coulter


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